Intercambio a Dallas 2020

5° año ES

Un grupo de alumnos de 5° año Educación Secundaria, realizó un viaje de intercambio a Cistercian  y Hockaday School en Dallas. 


 I enjoyed this fantastic experience and I’m really great full of having this unique opportunity that you don’t see every day. Although I had my doubts at the beginning, now I don’t regret any second of it, and if I had the chance to repeat it I would without even thinking about it. This trip not only helped me improve my I English  and fluency, but also opened my eyes to a new completely different way of living and culture, and  made me create strong ties with this wonderful people that I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t by this experience. People who really made an impact in my life and which I  hope to see again. I have brought lots of great memories and adventures with me. All I have left to say is thanks for giving me this opportunity!! 




I enjoyed and got an unforgettable experience where my host, Matthew, made me have an incredible adventure in the US.
With this experience I can say I have two families where I can feel confident and safe in both. Learning about another culture made me think different things, like the difference between the two countries and I have lot of staff to learn.
This trip changed me in both social and academic aspects by improving my English and opening new frontiers in my life and made me more independent by taking my own decisions and feel more confident to speak to people. I'm glad to know people, new friends that were nice with me and helped me in some moments.
If I have the opportunity to make this trip one more time, I would not think it twice and if it is for more time, better. Thank you for the people that made this possible! 






                                                                       Dpto. de Comunicación



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